How to build your personal brand on Instagram so you can start earning from your hobby even if you have less than 1000 followers?

🚀 Learn "game changing" branding techniques

🚀 Learn how to turn your followers into paying customers 💸

🚀 My "top secrets" on how to grow your tribe of "superfans"

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Create a beautiful feed

Create an Instagram theme, cohesive style like Top Influencers on Instagram. Learn how to professionally edit your pictures just in one click.

Growth tools

Drastically increase the reach of your content so you get more likes, comments and shares. Learn how to constantly grow your audience.

Monetize your account

Effortlessly convert your followers into paying customers so you no longer have to stress about making money online. Turn your name into profitable business.

Hey girl! 

Let me guess:

🚫 You’re struggling to grow an engaged following (or any following for that matter!)

🚫 Your organic engagement is less than inspiring and you can't figure out what you're doing wrong

🚫 You've been struggling with editing your photos and creating a cohesive Instagram feed

🚫 You have trouble posting consistently and feel overwhelmed by the idea of coming up with on-going content

🚫 You’re completely confused and frustrated by the so-called algorithm

What if instead you had...

✅ A proven strategy to build a following of loyal community in just a few minutes a day

✅ Simple tactics and techniques to convert your following into a steady stream of paying customers

✅ A guide on how to professionally edit your pictures and create a visually pleasant account

✅ A step-by-step roadmap to using Instagram to market your business and explode your sales

✅ Tactics on how to build your personal brand!


InstaBrand Me Jumpstarter 🚀


Who is This InstaBrand Me Jumpstarter ðŸš€  For?

“A regular girl”

who is just getting started with blogging and wants to learn everything from branding to blog monetization.

Small blogger

who has a firm grasp on the basics of Instagram, but wants to turn the platform into a MONEY-MAKING MACHINE. Or who wants to turn “side hustle” into a full-time income.

Business owner

who is seeking for extra revenue from personal brand creation and building a powerful brand on Instagram.

Online coach

who is struggling to grow Instagram presence and generate LEADS that convert into CUSTOMERS and buyers.

Social Media Manager

with experience, but who wants to build her own brand and increase income.


who wants to earn money online and have freedom to work from anywhere. 

You'll learn how to:

✔️ Understand and outsmart the algorithm to drastically increase your reach, impressions and ensure your posts are seen by the right people

✔️ Effortlessly pinpoint your target audience & draw them to you like a magnet to increase your following and maximize your engagement 

✔️ Get more clicks on the link in your bio from potential customers, making your job easier when it comes to selling & closing new clients

✔️ Implement a hashtag strategy that sends targeted traffic directly to your feed with every post you make

✔️ Easily create content that connects with your ideal audience, dramatically increasing engagement & converting casual visitors into devoted followers

✔️ Sell more of your products & services, or monetize your following for the first time so you can start creating the income you desire

...and so much more!

So... How does it work?

When you enrol today in The InstaBrand Me Jumpstarter, you’ll get instant access to 7 workbooks, PDFs + 3 Bonuses designed to walk you through the ins and outs of marketing your brand/business and generating income with Instagram! 💸

What Are You Really Getting?

✔️ INSTAGRAM STYLE GUIDE: A step-by-step guide on how to create a cohesive style and theme on Instagram. Magazine style 42 pages long e-book will teach you how to create a beautiful greed like top influencers. 
(Originally: € 47) 

✔️ ULTIMATE HASHTAG MASTERY E-BOOK: A step-by-step guide on how to correctly use hashtags to grow on Instagram. Magazine style 27 pages long resource is packed with strategies, tips and tricks, a proven hashtag funnel and everything you need to constantly grow your tribe. (Originally: € 47) 

✔️ SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNER: Workbook plus printable PDFs are a must have for planning your content for growth. Total of 15 pages. (Originally: € 9)

✔️ INSTAGRAM MONETIZATION GUIDE: A step-by-step guide on how to start earning money with Instagram even if you have less that 1000 followers (as good as for 10 000 or 100 000 followers). You will learn monetization techniques that usually nobody shares. (Originally: € 27)

✔️ BONUS LIGHTROOM EDITING GUIDE + PRESETS:  A step-by-step guide on how to professionally edit your pictures with Lightroom App. Plus you are getting my 3 Lightroom presets. (Originally: € 27)

✔️ BONUS HASHTAG DATABASE: More than 1500 hashtags database in excel ready to copy/paste to your content. Hashtags that are proven to reach your target audience in 10 different niches. (Originally: € 37)


€ 194


Here's what my incredible students have to say about The InstaBrand Me:

"Hi Ilona! I want to say big thank you for all the materials you share with your followers. Not only I finally reached my goal of 10k followers in just 3 months, I also secured paid brand deals. AMAZING! There is no blah-blah information, but pure strategies. I haven't found anyone that comes close to the quality of your content. Thank you so much!" 


"Every day I wake up to more and more engagement on my Instagram account. The Ultimate Hashtag Guide literally changed everything for the account! Thanks babe! I am happy I found such a good mentor as you."


"Ilona, BIG BIG thanks! Your program and all the resources are really helping me a lot! I finally managed to create my own Instagram theme and can edit my pictures like a PRO. I am not done with the program yet, but I already have 217 e-mails to my lead magnet and secured my first customer from Instagram! "


"Ilona's InstaBrand Me Jumpstarter is useful even for experienced users. Everyone will find something new for the account development. For me it helped to accelerate growth and gave a new perspective on how to improve my account and work on my feed. I feel very pleased and happy I found her and the tribe of CEO Girl online! Totally recommending!"


Wanna Know What is Inside?

🖇 INSTAGRAM STYLE GUIDE: A step-by-step guide on how to create a cohesive style and theme on Instagram.
(Originally: € 47)


✔️ 42 pages magazine style e-book of valuable content, workbooks, cheat sheets and tools.

✔️ Cohesive theme essentials & Instagram themes examples.

✔️ Instagram feed layouts.

✔️ Instagram photography tips & best editing apps.

✔️ Feed make over workbook.

🖇  ULTIMATE HASHTAG MASTERY E-BOOK: A step-by-step guide on how to correctly use hashtags to grow on Instagram. 
(Originally: € 47)


✔️ 27 pages magazine style long resource is packed with strategies, tips and tricks, a proven hashtag funnel and everything you need to constantly grow your tribe.

✔️ Hashtag essentials & hashtag funnel strategy.

✔️ Shadow Ban: what is it? How to avoid it?

✔️ Hashtag strategy workbook. Done for you!

🖇 SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNER: Workbook plus printable PDFs are a must have for planning your content for growth. (Originally: € 9)


✔️ 15 pages magazine style e-book and printable.

✔️ Weekly To-Do List and Weekly Instagram Calendar.

✔️ Content Scheduling & Brainstorming.

✔️ Weekly Analytics Tracking.

✔️ Giveaway Ideas & Collaboration Opportunities.

🖇  INSTAGRAM MONETIZATION GUIDE: A step-by-step guide on how to start earning money with Instagram. (Originally: € 27)


✔️ Instagram monetization secrets that nobody usually shares. 

✔️ Sales fundamentals on Instagram.

✔️ A valuable surprise for you! ðŸŽ


Did somebody say bonuses?

🎁 LIGHTROOM EDITING GUIDE + PRESETS: A step-by-step guide on how to professionally edit your pictures with Lightroom App. (Originally: € 27)


✔️ Lightroom editing guide

✔️ Pack of 3 presets (for professional editing).

🎁HASHTAG DATABASE: More than 1500 hashtags database in excel ready to copy/paste to your content. (Originally: € 37)


✔️ Excel database with more than 1500 hashtags in 10 different niches, that you can just copy/paste to your captions. Done for you!

✔️ List of banned hashtags. 




No matter if you have 1 or 1 million followers, The InstaBrand Me Jumpstarter 🚀 is your secret weapon!

Look What Girls Like You Have To Say ...

Imagine! You Join InstaBrand Me And:

✔️ You know exactly how to attract targeted followers and turn them into fans of your brand.
✔️ You are seen as an expert in your field.
✔️ You have a beautiful, relevant and sexy brand that inspires your audience.
✔️ You have more confidence in yourself to put yourself out there.
✔️ You understand how to monetize your audience and sell out your products.
✔️ You have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. 
✔️ You have life full of freedom while your Instagram & business are still growing. 


Still Have Questions? I’ve Got Answers:

Have we met yet?

Meet Ilona, your new social media & business coach!

Nice to meet you girl! I am an educator, online business and social media coach. I have been in the social media industry for over 5 years and have been helping new bloggers, content creators and business owners to win on social media (aka Instagram) with the help of digital marketing, brand building and powerful stories.

I turned my personal Instagram account (@ilonakors) from hobby to a full-time profession that gives me ton of new opportunities. Traveling the globe, I have a loyal community of over 23 000 members. We share valuable insights, lift each other up and the InstaBrand Me is the foundation of our successful community.

I believe that all you need is the proven business framework, accountability and support to build the freedom-filled online brand of your dreams, which is exactly why I created The InstaBrand Me.

It's truly a joy and a privilege to guide you on this journey and I can't wait to see you become the future CEO Girl!

At this point, you have two options:

You can try to figure all of this out yourself by Googling, watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts which will be overwhelming and time-consuming especially if you’re juggling a full-time job, like I did when I was just starting out. It might take a year or even more to start seeing results from your online business...

OR you can start today and implement my exact strategies. Take advantage of my 5+ years of experience in Instagram branding, social media management and online business. 

The fact is, this is a proven system, but it requires you to take action by enrolling today...

What Will You Choose?

Over € 194 Worth Of Tools & Bonuses