Personal Branding On Instagram: Why Do You Need It?

Ilona Kors Instagram personal branding
If you’ve been looking for reasons why you should start using Instagram for personal branding, this is your lucky day. As I am going to share with you my TOP 5 reasons why everyone should be using Instagram for personal branding, influence and as a result business growth.
There is a certain power in social media and Instagram has the power Instagram has over 500 million daily active users. Can you imagine this number? Those numbers are just impressive! Actually, it is the most engaging platform out there. This means that you should start using this amazing platform for growing your personal brand, where you can reach your target audience and your tribe with ease. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Let me tell you something!

@kyliejenner used Instagram to grow her make-up line to a billion dollar business, Aggie from  @travel_inhershoes uses Instagram to travel the world, earn money and promote her business, while @sabrinamphillip managed to scale her business to 7-figures with Instagram. And there are just tons of other examples to get motivated and inspired from. They used Instagram for personal branding and leveraged all features of the platform to make their name first.
And here are my TOP 5 reasons why you need to be on Instagram for personal branding!


I love the fact that Instagram is very visual platform. There is nothing better than a picture to tell a story about you or your brand.  We can share pictures and different video formats (gifs, boomerangs, stories). The days you share bad quality pictures on Instagram already passed. It is very common even for ordinary accounts to post high quality and stylish pictures. However, in order to stand among thousand other amazing accounts you need to create your own style and Instagram theme. Want to know how to turn your feed into a visually pleasant account? Grab your digital resources in my "InstaBrandMe Jumpstarter" here!


By social I mean that you are constantly connected to your tribe. You can easily ask questions, find out the feedback from your audience on certain topics, make surveys directly on the platform. Moreover, you can be active and communicate to your tribe through direct messages or comment on your audiences posts. Being so close to your audience helps you fully understand them and their needs.  In that case you use Instagram to get social and closer to your audience, which is a must thing for personal branding.


Instagram offers so many features to their users. It is no longer pictures and videos platform, you can experiment with boomerangs and gifs. Content doesn’t need to be boring anymore. You can truly unleash your personality with Instagram and show your true self. Also you can get inspired by tons of different accounts. Explore, experiment and most importantly have fun!


By friendly I mean that Instagram can be connected to other social media platforms (like Facebook or Twitter). It means you don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about content for different social media platforms. Share your pictures from Instagram straight to Facebook and grow your community across different platforms.


OH, YES! And here I am not talking about influencers with massive following who charge thousands of dollars per post. Microinfluencers & small business owners are truly monetizing their accounts. It is the power of personal branding! With 10k followers you can already start charging from 50$ per post. While small business owners with less than 10k followers are using Instagram to getting clients and scaling their businesses to 6-figures. Isn’t it great to post and earn an extra buck while doing what you love? Want to know how to monetize your account, then check my CEO Girl Toolkit here!
So, here are my top reasons why Instagram for personal branding  is my favourite platform ever. And why do you love Instagram?
C’mon I know you do!