SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Trends to watch for in 2022




Instagram and social media have become a very important part of our daily life. It is just impossible to think of social media marketing without such platform as Instagram. As we have approached 2022 it is time to look into social media trends that you should watch for and start implementing if you want to win it on the ‘gram. 

1. Shifting from influencers to content creators

My favourite part of Instagram trends in 2022 is that so called “influencers” are no longer of interest for the majority of brands. Content creators are taking over the market. Brands are more willing to work with small bloggers aka content creators who will no longer just promote brands or services, but will create a powerful and beautiful content. Partnering with creators allows brands to develop compelling content featuring real people communicating brand messages in an authentic way—engaging audiences and driving outcomes. 

So what doest it mean for you? It means that it is no longer required to have thousands of followers to land brand sponsorships. It means that you can already today start your side hustle that can grow into profitable business. Do you want to learn how to make it happen?

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2. Authenticity is the king of social media

Being authentic and real on social media is becoming even more popular. People no longer want to see perfect influencers. They want to see real people behind social media profiles. Brands are continuing to lean into their smaller, niche and more loyal communities instead of hoping for broad reach. That involves telling your story and being true to your mission.

3. More short video content please

Video is one of the fastest-growing media formats for consumers and digital marketers. The pandemic resulted in a huge surge in digital video consumption across all formats and social media is no exception. More video formats have been introduced across the social platforms and creators are increasingly comfortable with video production. Instagram will prioritise more video content over pictures. Reels are here to stay for good! 

What does more video mean for campaigns? More engagement. Video is driving more and better engagement with audiences and will continue to grow in popularity. From the rise of TikTok to Instagram’s increased focus on video, it’s critical to make sure you are including it. 

4. Quality vs quantity 

In 2022 the focus should be on the quality of your content. What is Quality Content? Content that is well-researched and includes expertise on the subject.

When you consistently produce quality content on your social media it builds up your expertise. People will not only find your content when others share it, but they will actively seek it out as well.

5. Social media will become the heart of the post-pandemic shopping experience

Before the pandemic, social e-commerce and direct-to-consumer marketing models were a flashy new opportunity for some innovative businesses to create a competitive advantage.That all changed overnight when people went into lockdown, and many had no choice but to try to meet basic needs by shopping online.

Suddenly, 84% of consumers were shopping over the internet. According to Hootsuite, the global social commerce industry is worth more than half a trillion US dollars. These social shoppers aren’t just scrolling feeds and clicking “buy now” buttons on sponsored ads for consumer packaged goods. They’re using social media for every stage of the purchase journey across almost every product category. So social has become the new boulevard, the high street, the avenue.


So here it is. These are the main Instagram Trends of 2022. Now you are aware of them and ready to make the best out of the year ahead. And I will be here to help you on the way! Let's go!