Win It On The ‘Gram: Instagram Trends 2021

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Remember Instagram some 5 years ago when it all was so easy? You could just post beautiful pictures from your vacation and likes plus followers would have come to you like crazy. There was no such term as algorithm and the feed was chronological. However, now when Instagram changes with each year the trends change as well. Do you want to know how to win on the ‘gram in 2021 and how to build your personal brand? This is your lucky day, as I am going to tell you about Instagram trends I have noticed recently…



Now on Instagram you can post not only one video or picture to your post, but you can post multiple pictures at once. Did you know that it is not only a trend, but it overall helps to receive bigger engagement on your posts? In fact, Instagram will show your photos to more people if you are uploading more than one photo. If person did not like your picture the first time, your second picture will be shown to them with the probability that they will like your picture the second time. I have noticed it not only for my posts, but Instagram keeps showing me the posts of other people as well. Why not to use this feature for a greater engagement? 



Most people already know that comments count more than likes on Instagram. Don’t get too serious about numbers. Therefore, building authentic connection with your followers is a must in 2021. Everyone is talking about building a community or a tribe of like minded individuals in their blogs. Try to gather together people with the same interests in your blog, who would be willing to start a discussion under your posts (may it be fashion, traveling, entrepreneurship or any other hot theme). Meaningful comments and dialog are what counts versus emoji comments.



Yes, you heard me right! Direct messaging is becoming more popular on Instagram. Starting from replying to people’s stories and reacting to them, ending with writing directly to your followers. Building a community means spending time reacting to your followers stories, showing them that you care about them. Also why not to compliment some accounts that you are following for a great content they are posting and value giving. This is how all connections start, and who knows, maybe you end up collaborating or making business together. I love Instagram for this, as you never know what relationships and connections you can get.



Competition on Instagram is huge now, so that means you need to look professional with your pictures and you should stand out among thousands of others. Here I don’t say that your photos should be made only with professional camera or by a photographer. No! But what I say you should know basic photography and editing skills. With a little help of editing you can transform your pictures to a works of art or masterpiece. And that can be done with just one click!

In my Instagram Killer feed guide am showing a step-by-step process in finding your blog theme, how to edit your pictures and I am giving best photography tips. Moreover, I have prepared a Lightroom editing guide that you can just copy/paste to your own pictures. Take an action to a better Instagram blog NOW! 

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Videos are becoming very popular. Sharing your everyday life with your followers is a trend and this is what people want to see even more. Moreover, if you capitalize on Instagram stories your content will be ranking higher in algorithm and you will be shown to more people. Being more authentic and real is a thing that can get you popular on the ‘gram. Don’t be afraid to show your true self and sometimes seem vulnerable.  


I hope it was useful and you found out something new! Now when you know all the trends and growth hacks on Instagram in 2021 it is time to implement them in real life. Please share with me your journey and leave a comment below! Let’s keep in touch! 🤗