Outdated Instagram Tips You SHOULD NOT Be Doing in 2022


I have been in the social media industry for over 6 years now. I’v been an Instagram coach for more than 3 years now, and the pace with what changes are coming is just insane. What was trending two years ago or even one year ago is no go now. So, let me dive into the outdated Instagram tips and tricks that you SHOULD NOT be doing in 2022. 

To be honest, I have been teaching some of them to my students 3 years ago. I have been implementing some of them when I was just starting out on Instagram as well. However, now it should be all left behind. 

1. Follow/Unfollow method

This is very bad thing that you can do in order to gain followers. If some years ago it was a working method, now it is not. The follow/unfollow game can only lead to a significant drop in your engagement. It might be that some coaches will still say that it is a great way to grow, but not me. This Instagram tip is outdated and even harmful. 

2. Engagement pods

Engagement pods are the killer of your Instagram engagement. These are the groups where several creators/bloggers get together and like and comment on each others posts. Usually all the people in the pod are from different niches and create fake engagements for each other. Engagement pods take a lot of your time and don’t give you any good, because you spend time commenting on random profiles. You can spend this time engaging with your target audience instead. If you see someone offering you to join engagement pod, run. Please remember this Instagram tip. 

3. Using borders on your posts

The days of square Instagram posts are long ago gone. You don’t want to be limiting yourself with any borders. You need to be using all the the whole dimension you are given on Instagram to capture peoples attention. 

4. You don’t need to post every day

The Instagram tip that I want to highlight. Of course, it is very beneficial to post reels everyday, several posts per day. But do you really want to have this pressure all the time? Do you want to feel burn out in 2 weeks time? Instagram should be fun and easy. If you need give yourself breaks as well. Posting 3 times a week is completely normal. 

5. Using hashtags in Stories (it’s not working anymore)

Yes, if you are using hashtags in Instagram stories, then you can stop doing it. Hashtags in stories are not working anymore and are not searchable. You cannot grow with your stories and gain new people from them. They are now only used to maintain relationships with your audience, so don’t spam with hashtags. 

6. Using dots or emojis to space out captions

You don’t need to be using dots, spaces or anything else to space out your captions. Remember the times we needed to do it? Instagram is up to date now and allows you to do it with “return” button. Instagram bonus tip: editing your caption after posting will not mess up the algorithm either. 


Now when you know all the trends of 2022 it's time to build you powerful brand in 2022! Are you ready?


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