Instagram Growth Hacks: Tips & Tricks.

Instagram Growth Hacks How to grow with instagram


Instagram growth is not easy! I know it myself from my own experience. “How the hell can I grow my followers on Instagram?“ The question which interests the majority of people who are taking this platform seriously and want to see the results: become popular influencers & bloggers, build their businesses and make more sales. Imagine you put in really hard work and time in developing your personal brand and nothing is happening. You feel stuck and seeing no results. A very sad situation indeed…

Don’t worry! There are 2 methods how you can start growing your Instagram already today. There are PAID and FREE #instagramgrowth ways. I am going to tell you about pluses and minuses of each of them from my personal experience. Let’s start with the paid ones!



– Paid blogger advertising with the same target audience as yours. (Pluses: very effective, if the blogger is chosen correctly, fast. Minuses: can be very expensive, plus the good influencer might have high picking criteria and a long queue). Instagram growth is not free all the time, and you might consider investing some money in your blog. 

– Hosting a giveaway. (Pluses: fast, and relatively cheap. Minuses: you can loose the majority of followers, after the giveaway, as people might be interested in prize, not you).

– Being a sponsor of a giveaway. (Pluses: fast results. Minuses: the same as with hosting your own giveaway, you can loose the majority of followers, after the giveaway, as people might be interested in prize, not you. Also there is a risk of scammers on the Instagram and you might pay the money without seeing the results, or the results you will receive are bots). 

– Targeted advertising or sponsored posts. (Pluses: it works and can be one of the most effective ways. You can track the statistics of your add and end/change it if the results are not as good. Minuses: you should know how to do it, how to choose your target audience and work with analytics, otherwise you might spend you adds budget without seeing any results).



 In fact, when in comes to Instagram growth there are free ways how you can do it. I have tried all of them myself and sharing my own experience with you! 

– Mutual PR. (Pluses: free PR on other influencer page with the same target audience as yours. Minuses: can’t do it very often as you might irritate your followers, plus takes a lot of time to find a right blogger willing to work with you). I am always interested in doing mutual PR. So if you have great account you think is worth sharing DM me on my Instagram and let’s cooperate together (@ilonakors). 

– Mass following. (Pluses: is still working. Minuses: Your feed becomes a trash, as you don’t see posts you want to see anymore, takes a lot of time to clean after. Takes a lot of time in general. Maximum amount of following is 60 people per hours, otherwise Instagram will block you). This method can be very useful especially at the beginning of your Instagram journey. However, after 10k you won’t see any descent result. 

– Likes time/SFS (shout for shout). (Pluses: increase of engagement, if blogger chosen correctly good followers gain. Minuses: irritating your followers with other profiles and takes a lot of time to find right person).

– Advertising in publics. (Pluses: FREE. Public accounts with high following might post your picture to their profile tagging you and you receive a lot of new followers! Magic! Minuses: no guarantee that public account you tagged on your picture will post your picture. You should keep tagging those accounts.).


– Also, hashtags is a great FREE Instagram growth method. Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags. However, figuring out which hashtags and how to use them correctly is very hard and time consuming. Therefore, I have created a ultimate hashtag guide to teach you how to use hashtags correctly, teach you about hashtag strategy plus includes actual hashtags that you can just COPY/PASTE to see the results.


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Tell me, have you tried any from the above? Do you have a story/ experience to share?