Is Your Instagram BIO Working? Let’s Fix It!

Ilona Kors Instagram Bio Create Perfect Bio For Instagram


Let’s talk about Instagram BIO. This is the first thing your potential followers see when coming across your profile.  And trust me, if your Instagram bio is not existent or says all the wrong things they won’t follow you. Simple!

However, still I see a lot of profiles sharing not important information in their BIOs. For example, business profiles which say they love cats or coffee gives me goose bumps. You have 150 characters that you can use to tell what your profile is about and why people should follow you. Not because you have a certain emotion towards coffee. Sorry! Of course, it is great to give a personal touch to your Instagram bio, but don’t forget about important stuff as well. So let’s examine and make a full audit of your Instagram bio now and see how we can fix it!

Ideal Instagram BIO is informative, entertaining and personal


It includes 5 MAIN POINTS and let’s talk about each of them separately…



Headline is the only searchable element in your bio. Therefore, use key words that describe you or your brand. Tell who you are or what you are doing. By default Instagram fills it with your name, but you can change it. Common mistake is to make it identical to your NAME. Don’t do it! You should build your personal brand with your Instagram profile. Why? Read why on my other blog post “Personal Branding on Instagram“.



Hence, main text in your BIO. Tell your audience the value they get from following you. What people should expect from you and give the reason to follow you. For example, in my BIO (@ilonakors) I share the information what my account is about. 



You can leave some characters for a creative personal touch. Write something personal about you. What do you like? What person are you? It can be something funny as well. You will make your Instagram Bio more alive if you add some persona touch to it.



What do you want your followers to do next?  It is up to you to decide, but the ideas can be various. You can highlight your recent blog post or video, give some free stuff, grow your e-mail list, sell a product or promote an event. Another idea is to include a link to your other social media account in order to grow across different social platforms.



Instagram gives you space for one link in your profile (to promote your latest project, group, offer or anything else). Therefore, my advice is to utilize this feature on your Instagram bio.


That’s it! Now it is your turn to start transforming your Instagram BIO and play around with it!  Share was it useful and what is your transformation story? 😊