How To Use Instagram as a Sales Funnel


Instagram is a very powerful platform that you can use not only for building your personal brand and expertise, but also to build a profitable business. However, not all people understand how to convert followers into paying customers. I am here, to give you a detailed Instagram sales funnel example. And how to use Instagram as a sales funnel. Let’s go!


The typical customer journey goes a little something like this:

Awareness > Interest > Desire > Customer

You first need to become aware of a brand or product, then become interested in what’s being offered… eventually DESIRING that offer so much that you become a customer.

 If we flip it from the business’ perspective, you need:

Visibility > Engagement > Leads > Sales

And Instagram Sales Funnel can help you in every step of this customer journey very well. Let me explain. 


1. Instagram Sales Funnel Step One: Visibility


I think this is straightforward that Instagram is meant to growing your audience and gaining new followers. This is the very first step you are taking on a customer journey. Constantly showing up and building your brand is great, but one day you want your followers to convert into customer. Right? This is where step two comes. 


2. Instagram Sales Funnel Step Two: Engagement


After you’ve built your audience you want to start engaging with them as much as possible. That way you can build trust, loyalty to your brand and start conversations. How? Use engaging Instagram stories, ask questions, deliver the content meant for your ideal customer and provide constant value. Try to reply to all comments and DMs that you get. This is very early stage of your relationship with your followers, so be present and connected. 


3. Instagram Sales Funnel Step Three: Lead Generation


Now when you’ve built relationships with followers you can start converting them into leads. First, offer them something for free. It can be an ebook, free course, private group or masterclass, or e-mail course. This way you can collect some data from them like e-mails or applications. Make sure to give your followers a CTA (call to action) to click the link in your stories or in your BIO. 


4. Instagram Sales Funnel Step Four: Sales


Once you’ve collected their email, invited to your private masterclass or did a free course, you already can start offering them your product or services. You move towards closing that sale. Don’t be afraid to approach your followers in the DMs. Replying to their questions straight away is the best way to close the deal. 


Now when you understand how Instagram sales funnel work you can be a step ahead and start converting your followers into loyal paying customers. Therefore, I have created “InstaBrand Me” Jumpstartet to help everyone on their Instagram journey. 


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