How to Increase Engagement on Instagram


Instagram engagement can be a real struggle. I get it! I mean, you’ve got your posts, you’ve got your Stories, but no one’s really interacting? Don’t worry, I got you. 

Perhaps there are several things you are NOT doing and that’s ruining your engagement game. In this blog post I am going to share real tactics that will help you get more likes, more views and more shares. Stop doing these 5 things and increase Instagram engagement.

1. Not telling people what you want them to do

This is the most common mistake I see on Instagram. Not including a CTA (call to action) in every post, Reel or Story. You’ve probably have heard this thing all over the Internet. This tactic is so simple, yet not everybody is using it. Simply tell people to like the post or save it for latter, tell people to follow you for more interesting content. It’s that simple, but it works. In Instagram stories a CTA can be a usage of different features like polls, quizzes and other things. Make them interactive as possible. 

2. Not optimizing your BIO

My next tip is to optimize your bio to be found in search. Did you know that Instagram doesn’t have a lot of ways for you to be found in search, except for your username and your name field?

Your username is typically your brand name or your personal name. Your name field is where you can get really creative with the target search terms that your target follower is looking for. Make sure you’re putting yourself in the shoes of your target follower and choosing the best keywords to be found for in your name field. 

3. Not optimizing your hashtags

You still thinking that Instagram hashtags are not working? Well, on the contrary it is the best possible way how new people can find your account. To increase engagement on Instagram use hashtags, and I don’t mean just plopping them in your caption and forgetting about them. Here I mean that you should be strategic. Use hashtags relevant to your niche and try to change them time to time. Experiment and see what’s working for your account. 

4. Not engaging proactively on Instagram

Now it’s time for you to engage with other accounts as well. You can take just 15 min a day to just like and comment on your target audiences accounts. You can’t wait for people to blow up your DMs with questions about working with you or wanting to get on your email list…You need to go out there and find them

5. Not posting to REELS 

My last tip for boosting your engagement on Instagram is to make full use of any new features that Instagram is pushing. In 2022, it means making Instagram Reels. The Instagram algorithm really pushes views toward their new features and rewards you for using them. Don’t be afraid to use video formats. Be authentic and followers will react to your authenticity. 



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