HOW TO: Earn Money as a Content Creator


I bet you have heard previously that “content creator” is not even a real job. In reality, it is a real job and quite profitable I would say. A lot of people just don’t know how to monetize their hobbies and blogs. Being a content creator is great (hey, I’m one!), but you need to have a way to monetize your content if you want to pay the bills.

Now if you’re reading this and thinking… "But, Ilona, I don’t have anything to sell!", this blog post will help you shift that belief instantly.

As a content creator, you have FOUR (!!) revenue streams open to you.

Let’s tackle them, one-by-one:


#1: Affiliate Revenue:

This is when you promote a product or software that is sold by another business, and you get a share or percentage of the sale. 

Example: Amazon has an affiliate program where whenever you promote a product that people can buy from Amazon you get a small percentage of the sale.


  • Passive income.
  • Don't need to build your own product.


  • You need LOTS of traffic to see a decent amount of revenue come in.


#2: Brand Sponsorships:

This is all about partnering with brands to endorse their products on your Instagram/TikTok feed or blog and get paid a one-time fee and sometimes, a recurring engagement.

Example: Paid sponsorship. A brand sends you free products that you then need to talk about, usually in a positive light.


  • Don’t need to build your own product.
  • Can get free things and get recognized.


  • Lack of control over the content you produce.
  • Highly competitive.


#3: Ecommerce:

This is all about selling a physical or digital product via your website. 

Example: Sites, like Etsy, have millions of eCommerce businesses selling everything from T-shirts and mugs to digital art. Or you can set up your Shopify website and sell products there.


  • Has a high potential to scale up.
  • You don’t need to be the "face" of the brand.


  • Can be expensive to start.
  • Need some technical experience.


#4: Online coaching or consulting:

Online coaching or consulting is when you work 1:1 with clients, based on your area of expertise, to help them accomplish specific results.

Example: Health coaching, financial coaching, or business coaching.


  • Provide exclusive support to your followers on things you’ve overcome yourself.
  • Ability to charge higher prices because you are offering 1:1 support.
  • Because you charge higher prices… you don’t need as much traffic.

 ❌ CONS:

  • When you start getting booked out of clients, you will need to increase your prices and work with fewer people or find ways to scale up to group coaching and online courses once you’ve built social proof.


Understanding of how to turn your passion into profitability is a key factor if you want to create a profitable career as a content creator.

The days of being an unpaid content creator are over, Boss. You’re set to leverage your presence on Instagram. Now start making money from it!


P.S. Making money from your content isn’t bad or unethical. It’s smart business sense. Getting paid for the content you create will ensure you do work you love and get paid for it.

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