All You Need To Know About Instagram REELS



Reels are already with us for quite some time, but still I see that not a lot of people are using them. If there is one thing or advice I can give you: start creating Reels! I have to admit they are the best way to expand your organic reach and get your content in front of new, potential followers.


You might be wondering “What’s so special about Reels?” Well, Instagram is trying to compete with TikTok very hard and they are pushing Reels content very much. In 2020 with a rising competition with TikTok Instagram introduced their new format of video creation - Reels. With the use of Reels you can now create multi-clip videos by using audio, different effects and various tools to make them creative and appealing. If your account is public, they might even be featured on the explore page, which has a dedicated new space to showcase popular Reels! So let me give you 7 tips for getting started with Instagram Reels. 


1. Use your old content for a start. 

For a complete beginner you can reuse your old content and reshape it to your Reels. Maybe you have old stories saved or past videos from your last vacation? Go through your camera roll and check if there is something worth sharing to your Reels. 


2. Think about the value you can give to your audience.

I am totally for the idea of Reels giving some value to your audience. Yes, they should be fun, but also educational, motivational or entertaining. It’s up to you to decide what angle you want to choose, but always have in mind: why people should watch your Reel? 


3. Utilize trends and popular sounds. 

Reels the same as TikTok are based on trends. Yes, you can create original content, but if you don’t know what to post use already existing trends. Think of how you can turn trend into your niche and give value to your audience. Also try to use popular sounds in your Reels. Also publish Reels to your feed as well. I have tested that Reels published to your feed tend to perform better. 


4. Reuse Reel content for TikTok.

Many of the trends and music comes from Tiktok. So why not post the same content you created for your Instagram to TikTok as well. That way you can get more exposure and grow 2 accounts simultaneously. Another point, make sure that your Reel video does not have the TikTok watermark - that will decrease your chances of going viral since Instagram detects them.


5.Make a plan.

Of course, it’s good to be in the flow and create content when you want to. But! If you want to grow on any social media platform you need to have a content plan in place. Collect some ideas, watch other Reels and make it yours! Try to create a small plan during the month how many Instagram Reel videos are you going to post, and when are you going to film them. 


6. Stay true to yourself. 

You don’t need to copy/paste other creators and be perfect all the time. Show you’re human by sharing behind-the-scenes, how-to’s and other authentic content. People love this!


7. Have fun!

As I have mentioned in the previous point, you don’t have to be perfect all the time. Most importantly, you need to have fun. Literally, you just need your phone and any editing app. If you think you created something funny, entertaining, cool - just post it!


That’s it guys! I hope you learned why you need to create Instagram Reels already today. Don’t be afraid and push that “post it” button right now! Good luck! 😊